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Your masterpiece meme

+ feel free to browse through my stuff at sundaysecretss or at brightblinds under my maker tag

001: leave a comment with your username and/or the journal you post icons on
002: people will reply to your comment posting one of your icons, the one they think is the best you've ever made, and explaining why
003: be polite
004: have fun!
005: that's pretty much it, the list seemed short

the 'this is your masterpiece' icon meme
your thread
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Christmas Requests

Now Taking Holiday Requests

(Saving spots allowed)


01: Comment specifying what type of graphic you'd like, and what sizes.
02: Tell me whether you wish for your images to be shareable or not
03: Provide me with up to 10 HQ images (in the form of a link)/give me a theme or website you'd like me to draw from
04: Track this entry, or watch your friends list for the Requests Update
05: Comment and retrieve your graphics
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Maker Applications


☂ As sad as it sounds I'm a little desperate for makers at the moment- as long as you have experience and the time, I'll strongly consider you, so go ahead and give it a try!
(All comments are screened.)

+location (country, state if you'd like)/languages you are most fluent in:
+how often are you active on LJ?
+graphics related communities you run or post at (including as a trail maker):
+how long have you been making icons?
+15- 20 icon examples:
+10 banner examples:
+What would you most like to learn as a continuing icon maker?
+Why do you want to be a maker at

☂ If you would like to moderate, but don't have the time to dedicate to being a maker, please fill out the following form: